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Stile Elisa complete Bar sets

Stile Elisa is very latest traditional collection with quality wood and its made in italy.
Available in Different Shape and sizes.

Art. 2600
800 double bar front
2 cm 236x52x112 h m3 1,40

Art. 2602
800 double bar shelf
cm 230x29x215 h m3 1,45

Art. 2604
Bar stool
cm 31x31x78 h m3 0,10

Art. 2605
Ventaglio Chair
cm 50x47x93 h m³ 0,19

Art. 2606
Isiride leather bar stool
cm 48x45x113 h m³ 0,25

Colours: Walnut
Dimensions: as above
Material: Solid wood
RRP: £0